How was it exactly that Nagato came upon his Rinnegan?

Madara states that it was his, and that he gave it to him: how did he do that? Did he transplant it into Nagato, or did he transfer it otherwise?

Note: I do not recall whether this was explained in the manga or not.

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Black Zetsu, which is the embodiment of Madara's willpower and thought (Yin), stated that he had indeed transplanted these eyes into him when he was a boy. When or how isn't stated, one can only speculate that Madara used White Zetsu or some other Zetsu for it.


Like you said, it certainly was not mentioned.

The best guess is that he used Zetsu to do it, since he was chained to the Gedo Mazo. Apparently he knew he could use it in the distant future to revive himself again.


In Chapter 606,

In Obito's flashback, Madara mentions that he did indeed transplant it into Nagato without him (Nagato) realising it. How exactly he did it is not explained, though it is likely he used a Gedo Mazo/Senju cells based technique similar to the one he used to "repair" Obito's body (without Obito realising it as well).

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