In the Chaos;Head Visual Novel, the protaganist's room has lots of anime merchandise scattered around. Behind his PC he has a large set of shelves with anime characters on them:

enter image description here enter image description here Some gameplay of this scene can be seen on YouTube

I've also seen this image online, so perhaps one is changed in a remake or a spinoff or a different scene or something?

enter image description here

This one has figurines of Seira, an in-game fantasy anime character, and the other figures seem fairly generic — so I presume they're not from other shows.

The first image's characters are much more distinctive though and I can instantly recognise Saber from Fate/stay night.

What are the other series represented here?

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    A lot of them are from Fate/Stay Night, like Rider and Rin. I also see Tsukihime's Arcueid, too.
    – Jon Lin
    Commented Aug 6, 2015 at 22:29
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    I also recognize some characters are from Da Capo.
    – Gao
    Commented Aug 7, 2015 at 3:42
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    YouTube link is dead :( Also, the last image is from Chaos;Head NOAH (console version), which was adapted from the anime's scene (the figurines only). Anyway, from Japanese Wikipedia article some of the figurines are related to Nitro+ games (in NOAH, some are taken from their collaboration games).
    – Aki Tanaka
    Commented Apr 28, 2017 at 7:46

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Chaos;Head (PC Version)

  • Top: Hazuki (Demonbane), Another Blood (Demonbane), Al Azif (Demonbane), Ruri Hadou (Demonbane, Zanmataisei ver), Ruri Hadou (Demonbane, Kishin Hishou ver), Ignis (Jingai Makyou), Franco Il Nero (Satsuriku no Jango), Alfie (Satsuriku no Jango), Ignis (Jingai Makyou), ???, Donne Anonime (Satsuriku no Jango), Mahiro Sendou (Memories Off 5: Togireta Film), ???, Euretta (Eternal Fantasy), ???
  • Middle: Rebecca (Gekkou no Carnevale), ???, Rin Tohsaka (Fate/stay night), ???, ???, Yume Asakura (Da Capo II), Otome Asakura (Da Capo II), Anna (Gekkou no Carnevale), Perla (Gekkou no Carnevale), ???, Ruri Hadou (Demonbane, Zanmataisei ver), Saber (Fate/stay night), Leica Crusade (Demonbane), Franco Il Nero (Satsuriku no Jango)
  • Bottom: ???, Mahiro Sendou (Memories Off 5: Togireta Film), Euretta (Eternal Fantasy), Donne Anonime (Satsuriku no Jango), Otome Asakura (Da Capo II), Anna (Gekkou no Carnevale), ???, Alfie (Satsuriku no Jango), ???, Al Azif (Demonbane, nendoroid), Jessica (Gekkou no Carnevale), Leica Crusade (Demonbane), Rider (Fate/stay night), ???, Anna (Gekkou no Carnevale), Arcueid Brunestud (Tsukihime), Lunaria (Gekkou no Carnevale)
  • Desk Shelf: Noel (Gekkou no Carnavale), Lunaria (Gekkou no Carnavale)


  • Nitro+
    • Demonbane
      • Al Azif
      • Ruri Hadou
      • Leica Crusade
      • Hazuki
      • Another Blood
    • Jingai Makyou
      • Ignis
    • Satsuriko no Jango
      • Franco Il Nero
      • Donne Anonime
      • Alfie
    • Gekkou no Carneval
      • Anna
      • Lunaria
      • Noel
      • Rebecca
      • Perla
    • Tsukihime
      • Arcueid Brunestud
    • Fate/stay night
      • Saber
      • Rin Tohsaka
      • Rider
  • Circus
    • Da Capo II
      • Otome Asakura
      • Yume Asakura
    • Eternal Fantasy
      • Euretta
  • KID
    • Memories Off 5: Togireta Film
      • Mahiro Sendou

Chaos;Head NOAH (Console Version)

  • Top: Rider (Fate/stay night), ...
  • Middle: Seira Orgel (Chaos;Head), ...
  • Bottom: Saber (Fate/stay night), ...
  • Desk Shelf: ...


  • Nitro+
    • Chaos;Head
      • Seira Orgel
    • Fate/stay night
      • Saber
      • Rider
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    I couldn't finish it, and it has taken days to research this. So, I decided to make it community wiki. Feel free to update and fill-in the rest...
    – Aki Tanaka
    Commented Apr 30, 2017 at 14:33

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