Whose autograph is this on this Sailor Moon merchandise (it looks like a shitajiki [pencilboard]) from the SuperS season? Is it a seiyuu, or a production company staff member such as an anime director, a SeraMyu musical actress, or is it supposed to be one of the characters' own signatures from an kigurumi live-action stage show? It looks to me like "Amさぎ" or "Smさき♡" but these combinations don't ring any bells...

enter image description here

(Here is a sample from a kigurumi show where the actress signed as Sailor Moon instead of her real/stage name in the same way that Disney costume characters at Disneyland sign as if they were the character) enter image description here

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    I guess it's Usagi, where the A part is actually 月. I'm not sure where 野 would fit, though.
    – nhahtdh
    Commented Aug 29, 2015 at 19:17

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nhahtdh's comment is correct.

I guess it's Usagi, where the A part is actually 月.

A photo of a merchandise from Sailor Moon S shows that the first character looks like 月【つき】 (moon).

merchandise from Sailor Moon S

Image taken from のり's yaplog, a Japanese blog

However, the signature seems to be a corrupted version of 月【つき】のうさぎ (Moon rabbit), as clearly shown in another photo of SuperS' merchandise.

merchandise from Sailor Moon SuperS

Image taken from ゆかりん's Twitter

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