DanganRonpa: Ultra Despair Girls came out today in Europe and there's something I noticed about the 3D model of Toko Fukawa.

A.K.A Genocider Jack

enter image description here

There's something cut into her leg. I'm not sure that picture is an official model from the game, but I have definitely seen it while playing (screenshot below):

enter image description here

In the other games, we mostly see her waist-up - or in an uncut skirt, so I've never noticed it before:


What has she got carved into her leg?

I've only been playing the games - is there another source that describes how it got there?

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    looks like a tally marking to me, using the five-stroke kanji. – Dimitri mx Sep 5 '15 at 11:39
  • It's tally marks of how many people Genocider Syo killed – Piper Apr 15 '20 at 2:44

The mark seen on Genocider Syo is the Japanese Kanji 正

Wiktionary has a page on this character explaining its use as a tally mark by the Japanese.

Genocider Syo uses the tally to count the amount of victims she has killed. There is also a small section on this on the Wikia.

Since each one represents 5 kills, you can see she has killed quite a few!

Close up of the Genocider Syo's leg

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