There have been only ten chapters and the manga has stopped being published. Why? What about the parts of the plot that have been left unexplained?

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    What parts of the plot are you referring to? Sep 12 '15 at 16:57
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Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring is a sequel mini-series of the original Naruto manga, part of the Naruto Project. The Naruto Project is a special project to celebrate 15 years of the Naruto series.

The Naruto Gaiden acts as a prelude for Boruto: Naruto the Movie.

In Japanese literature, a gaiden (外伝) means side story or tale.

The use of gaiden is commonly used in popular Japanese fiction to refer to a spin-off of a previously published work that is neither officially considered a sequel nor a prequel. However, some gaiden are retold stories in the perspective of a different character, similar to that of a flashback.


Therefore gaiden is generally consists of only a few chapters.

The unexplained elements in the series might (most probably will) be elucidated in the upcoming series.

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