At the night before Final Battle against Kuromorimine Girls High School on episode 10, all girls from Usagi Team are seen watching a movie, and it looks like a movie about tank.

enter image description here

What movie was it?


They were watching Kelly's Heroes. It's an old war movie in 1970 about a group of American soldier who tried to rob a bank far behind enemy line.

A DVD poster from anime

While the original poster looks different, it match with Japanese poster for the movie

Kelly's Heroes official poster Japanese version of Kelly's Heroes official poster

The scene they were watching is around 1:56:00 when Oddball and Kelly, the main character, shoot down a Tiger, the same tank with Kuromorimine's tank.

Oddball and Kelly shoot down a Tiger in animeOddball and Kelly shoot down a Tiger in movie


  • The girls seems to use the same tactic against Elefant, they manages to outmaneuver Elefant, and shoot it down from behind in a narrow road. Initially, they shouted, "Operation: Kelly's Heroes".
  • When Yukari infiltrated Saunders, she called herself "Sgt. Oddball, third class" from the "6th Armored Division." Which I believe came from Oddball from Kelly's Heroes

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