Symphogear Live 2012 - the concert for the first season - was, sadly, not officially videotaped. This being the case, I would be very interested to know what the program for the concert was. In particular:

  • What was the set list? (i.e. which songs were performed? Given the relatively limited number of Symphogear songs in existence as of the end of season one - 13, by my reckoning - I would hope the answer is "all of them".)
  • Did the concert feature any segments of particular interest aside from the vocal performances? (talk segments and so forth, say)

There is an official report of the concert (in Japanese), but post no.706 on 2chan listed the program compactly (added summary from official report):

  1. Synchrogazer (OP theme, sung by Nana Mizuki)
  2. 1st talk session
    • Character introduction:
      1. Tsubasa Kazanari (Nana Mizuki)
      2. Hibiki Tachibana (Aoi Yuuki)
      3. Chris Yukine (Ayahi Takagaki)
      4. Miku Kohinata (Yuka Iguchi)
      5. Genjuurou Kazanari (Hideo Ishikawa)
    • Opening talk

Three-song relay sung by each character

  1. 撃槍・ガングニール - Gekisou Gungnir (Hibiki Tachibana)
  2. 絶刀・天羽々斬 - Zettou Amenohabakiri (Tsubasa Kazanari)
  3. 魔弓・イチイバル - Mayumi Ichiibaru (Chris Yukine)

  1. 2nd talk session: live impression by Yuuki, Mizuki, and Takagaki
  2. 戦姫絶妙ジェスチャークイズ - Senki Zetsumyou Gesture Quiz
    • 2 teams, Nakayoshi team (Hibiki & Miku) and Elite team (Tsubasa & Chris)
    • The topic is four-character idiom
    • Nakayoshi team went first. Yuuki was imitating a boar and attacked Iguchi. Iguchi answered correctly with 猪突猛進 (headlong)
    • Elite team next. Takagaki flinched as if she was receiving an attack, then kneeled with 1 leg. Mizuki answered with 猪突猛進 (tired and exhausted), but the correct answer was 満身創痍 (full of wounds)
    • Nakayoshi team's turn again. This time, Iguchi acted as if there were 2 people enjoying something (kya! kya!). Yuki answered with 共同作業 (work together) confusedly, but the correct answer was 和気藹々 (warm heartedly)
    • Elite team again, with Mizuki performed each letter of 風林火山 (wind, forest, fire, mountain) and Takagaki answered correctly with ease
    • Because of the tie, the game was continued
    • Nakayoshi team with Yuki acted and Iguchi answered correctly with 一攫千金(get rich quick)
    • Elite team with Takagaki acted and Mizuki answered correctly with 優柔不断 (indecision)
    • Sudden death with Ishikawa as the actor and free-for-all style, Takagaki answered correctly with 右往左往 (going right and left, confused)
    • Elite team was given ブドウノイズ印桐箱高級ブドウ (something related to Grape Noise?) for the prize.

↑ live's first-half ↑

↓ live's second-half ↓

  1. FLIGHT FEATHERS (Tsubasa Kazanari)
  2. 恋の桶狭間 - Koi no Okehazama (Tsubasa Kazanari sang to a magnolia tree)
  3. 私ト云ウ 音響キ ソノ先ニ - Watashi to Iu Otohibiki sono Saki ni (Hibiki Tachibana)
  4. 陽だまりメモリア - Hidamari Memoria (Miku Kohinata)
  5. 繋いだ手だけが紡ぐもの - Tsunaida Te Dake ga Tsumugu Mono (Chris Yukine)
  6. Meteor Light (ED theme, sung by Ayahi Takagaki)

↑ live's second-half ↑

↓ encore ↓

  1. TV Anime 2nd-season announcement
  2. FIRST LOVE SONG (Hibiki, Tsubasa, and Chris)
  3. 3rd talk session: closing message
  • Thank you! I had actually found the writeup on the official website after I asked the question, but I don't think I would've stumbled across the 2chan post. Bounty for you. – senshin Apr 9 '17 at 3:08

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