In monster musume, Papi the Harpy confuses the word "deport" for "incest" a couple of times in the English subtitles. I could see "arrest" and "incest", but I am aware the work is not natively English, so jokes like that might come through a bit sideways. Is there a similar sounding pair of words for these two terms to explains Papi's malapropism?

  • Providing an example of an episode and time when this happens would be great, so we could hear the word being spoken. – Killua Sep 20 '15 at 17:42
  • @Killua It's in the first half of episode 2, although I'm not sure of the exact time – Matt Sep 20 '15 at 18:18

In Japanese, "incest" is 近親相関 kinshin soukan, while "deport [to one's home country]" is 本国送還 hongoku soukan. These two terms are not similar enough for a reasonable human being to confuse. But for a birdbrain? I'd say it's plausible.

The soukan in the two items are unrelated; they just happen to be homophones.

(She makes this error twice in episode 2 - at 04:12 and 09:01.)

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