Looking at VNDB's character page for Shikkoku no Sharnoth ~What a Beautiful Tomorrow~ some of the characters have under their Role section, either "Based on a Real Person" or "Based on a Fictional Person"

Character's like Sherlock and Churchill i get who their basis is just from their name's. Mary's basis is revealed at the end when she signs the book she finished writing with the pen name Agatha Christie (though it's mentioned a number of times at the start that she's a writer if that wasn't a bug enough clue)

but there are character's like Charlotte Brontë who are based off real characters who i don't recognize while there are characters like Sebastian Moran who are based off fictional character who i am interested in knowing if they fictional basis is any different with how they are presented in Shikkoku no Sharnoth

So i am asking for a List of all the characters of Shikkoku no Sharnoth ~What a Beautiful Tomorrow~ who have a Based on a ______ Person tag and who their character basis is. completion wise also include obvious characters like Sherlock and Churchill


I haven't played this game, but I recognize a few of the references.

  • Mary Clarissia Christie is a reference to mystery novelist Agatha Christie.
  • Angelica Derleth may be a reference to horror writer August Derleth, who wrote stories set in HP Lovecraft's fictional universe.
  • Bram Stoker is the author of Dracula.
  • Charlotte Brontë is named for the author of Jane Eyre.
  • Colonel Sebastian Moran was a character in the Sherlock Holmes universe. He was the henchman of Holmes's nemesis, Professor Moriarty, and an expert marksman; in "The Adventure of the Empty House", he tries to shoot Holmes.
  • Elly Beinhorn was a German aviator. She would have been a child in 1905, when the game takes place; her period of activity was in the 1930s.
  • Henry Irving was an English stage actor which Wikipedia claims was the inspiration for the character of Dracula in Bram Stoker's novel.
  • Josef Čapek was a Czech painter and brother of Karl Čapek, the playwright who introduced the word "robot". According to Wikipedia, Josef invented the word "robot".
  • Winston Churchill was British Prime Minister during World War II.
  • Baron Munchausen is, according to Wikipedia, "a fictional German nobleman in literature and film, loosely based on a real baron, Hieronymus Karl Friedrich, Freiherr von Münchhausen".
  • George Lestrade is based on Inspector Lestrade, a police officer from the Sherlock Holmes stories who acts as one of Holmes's contacts with the police force.
  • Heinz Heger was the penname of the author of the book The Men With the Pink Triangle, which is about the experience of homosexuals in concentration camps under the Nazis.
  • Howard Philips is probably a reference to horror author HP Lovecraft, whose full name was Howard Philips Lovecraft. He is the author of "Call of Chthulu" and "The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath". Lovecraft's Wikipedia article also makes this claim, without citation.
  • Keynes may be a reference to economist John Maynard Keynes.
  • Marie Hudson may be a reference to Mrs. Hudson, the landlady of 221B Baker Street, where Sherlock Holmes and James Watson resided.
  • Sherlock Holmes is the famous fictional detective.
  • Arthur Conan Doyle is the author who created Sherlock Holmes.

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