I just want to know whether there is a specific technique name when Naruto's hand glowed when he took the ball of light out of Hinata. It was also used to attack Toneri Otsutsuki.

I don't watch the anime; I read the manga so I could have missed a lot of stuffs from the fillers. Heck, I don't even know what they show in the filler episodes.


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That technique which Naruto used has no special name, not even at Wikia. It is stated that :

Toneri took Hinata to the Room of Rebirth, letting his puppets to deal with Naruto. As they arrived at the Room of Rebirth and Naruto went after them, Toneri controlled Hinata to attack Naruto only for him to render her unconscious by taking the green chakra sphere out of her body. After Naruto took out the green sphere, Toneri took her back from Naruto.......

However, the technique which Toneri Ōtsutsuki used, it is called Puppet Cursing Sphere. It can control, read minds and also has other functions. It is also mentioned at Wikia article on Toneri Ōtsutsuki :

Toneri moulds his chakra into the form of a green-coloured sphere. The sphere can be used various purposes such as controlling targets by sending it into their body, reading their minds, absorbing chakra from a distance, checking if a target has a dormant Ōtsutsuki chakra, and detonating the orb if needed.

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