What logo is this? It's printed on an anime's DVD label. Reverse image search shows this, anyone knows this logo?


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I believe VAP is what that actually is. Their website is here: Vap, according to animenewsnetwork:

VAP is a subsidiary of the NTV (Nippon Television Network) Group.

Here is the animenewsnetwork page that lists all of the anime's Vap has been involved with.

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Yes I know this logo it's from the VAP entertainment company.

It's not very clear from their Wikipedia or ANN page how many branches this company has and what they do exactly but they seem to be involved in broadcasting and obviously operating as a music label besides production or licensing and distribution of anime and games.

The logo is a script typeface with serifs and swashes. In script the lower letter v is connected at the top where the lower letter u is connected at the bottom, similar to the a. That's how you usually can tell them apart.

enter image description here

Using reverse image search for fonts and logos can be tricky. While kerning shouldn't be a problem for OCR, these letters are melted together and baked into artifacts and noisy background.

Another option to avoid misinterpreting logos would be too look for product codes or URLs on the disk or jacket and look these up instead of reverse image search.

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