In episode 7 of Chihayafuru 2, Chihaya mentions that she didn't know what "Frenzied" means and Kanade says to herself:

"We're in the second season and she still doesn't know what the title means?!"

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I realize that "chihayaburu" is impassionate, but is this a play on words somehow? Or is this an instance of Kanade breaking the fourth wall? It would be the first instance of this happening as far as I know, seemed really awkward and out of place.

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Though it's not explicitly stated either way (imagine in a series, if they were to mention that they broke the fourth-wall; that's some serious meta fourth-wall-breaking), the general consensus in the fan kingdom is that this is an instance of the 4th wall being broken.

As you mentioned, chihayaburu (千早振る) a makurakotoba meaning "wild"[1] or "vigorous power"[2], which can be synonymous with "impassioned" or "frenzied". So, in English, it's not unlikely that the word "frenzied" could be (loosely) considered the title.

As I mentioned, though, there are several unofficial sources (some fans, some not) mentioning this (sudden) break in the fourth wall.[3][4][5][6] So, based on the closeness of the words, and the fan/community reaction to it, this seems to be a "breaking the fourth wall" scenario.

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