Given that in the series, Tokyo is visited, I assumed that the districts mentioned have real world locations.

According to the Wikia Page,

Although Kamisu 66 is the only district that appears in the actual story, there are other district names known, such as Shiroishi 71 in a location called Tohoku, Tainai 84 in Hokuriku, and Koumi 95 in Chuubu.

so I tried plotting them on a Google Map (static image), but when I tried and search for Tohoku, Hokuriku and Chuubu I didn't get a single place/prefecture to be confident that it is the district, and Shiroishi 71 to me seems a bit too close to Tokyo.

So I am wondering: what are the real world locations of the districts?

NOTE: I won't be allowing people to edit the map I have linked to as I have and plan to add other points which only are useful to myself. You can use Google My Maps to plot out the locations for your answer if it helps.

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    See this answer for additional details. You also need to grant permission to the map. – кяαzєя Oct 19 '15 at 2:29

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