In many manga and anime involving modern schools, there is a scene on or at least showing the rooftop of the building. It is a place students can freely go to, often depicted with having a bust-height railing along the edge and the typical 'small building' from which you leave the school building, often also having a ladder to get up (nonetheless being a popular 'hiding' or 'being alone' spot even without one).

I wanted to ask: is this one of many clichés about Japanese culture that appear throughout the whole media type, or are they a common thing in Japanese schools?


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I am sorry, but they look like just a cliché....

From this Quora answer (yes Quora!):

While many Japanese schools do have flat rooftops, they are usually off-limits and properly locked. So, eating your lunch on the roof or confessing your love at sunset up there... not gonna happen.

Source: Quora

Another source directly from our own Anime and Manga StackExchange: AM StackExchange

A quick Google search also reveals this (unfortunate) truth.

  • Seems like these two answers contradict each other.. While both imply access is not allowed per the rules, the answer on the other question states rooftops are seldom locked. However, the Quora answer implies they are most-always locked.
    – giraffesyo
    Oct 20, 2015 at 3:37

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