I want to know what does Yuuma want to do on Earth. Wherever I see it, it's not full episodes so I couldn't see if he knew he was dying, or there are other reasons he came to Japan?

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Yuma is a Neighbour form another world. He comes to Earth (also named otherwise in the multiverse used in World Trigger) searching for a friend of his father.

as his father gives up his life to save Yuma, granting him a constant trion body and producing a black trigger at the same time, Yuma remembers his father speaking very fondly of a "friend" on Earth, which he helped to turn away other neighbours...

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Yuma comes to Japan not only because his late father told him so

Yuma reason for going to Japan 1

But also for his personal reason:

He wants to resurrect his father

Yuma reason for going to Japan 2

Sources: Volume 3 Chapter 18 & Chapter 20

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