I want to read the K Project manga, but there are a lot of series. So what's the order for these series?

  • I have not seen/read K-project. Since you are asking this question, perhaps it might be prudent to specify if you want it in chronological order or release order (if applicable)
    – Tyhja
    Nov 9 '15 at 16:13

If you mean publication order, the K wikipedia article's manga section doesn't list all the publication dates, but seems to list them in publication order.

By serialization publication start date (end date included if applicable/known):

  • 2012 ? (no later than November) - 2013 ? (tankobon release 2013 April): K Stray Dog Story
  • 2012 May - 2013 July: K -Memory of Red-
  • 2013 October - 2014 July: K -Days of Blue-
  • 2013 December - 2015 April: K - The First
  • 2014 January: Gakuen K
  • 2014 June: K: Lost small world
  • 2014 December - 2015 July: K: Countdown
  • 2015 April - August: K: Missing Kings
  • 2015 May - November: K: Dog and Cat
  • 2015 September: K: Dream of Green
  • 2015 October: K: Return of Kings

Sources: K Project wikipedia article and Anime News Network Encyclopedia.

Based on the various summaries and news articles, I've placed them in approximate chronological order (some of the stories overlap) using the anime series as a guideline.

Before K TV

  • K: Lost small world
  • K -Memory of Red-
  • K -Days of Blue-
  • K: Stray Dog Story

Adaptation of K TV

  • K - The First

After K TV / Before Movie

  • K: Dog and Cat

Adaptation of K Movie

  • K: Missing Kings

After Movie / Before K TV2

  • K: Countdown

Before and/or Overlaps with K TV2?

  • K: Dream of Green

Adaptation of K TV2

  • K: Return of Kings

Alternate story

  • Gakuen K (comedy spin-off where all characters attend high school together)

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