In the context of Bleach, which clockwisality should the swastika have?

Should it be "卍解", or "卐解"? Or are both valid? Doing a google image search for both of them gets Bleach-related hits.


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The Zanpakuto article in Bleach wiki says that Bankai is written 卍解. The Bleach article in Wikipedia Japanese also mentions lots of 卍解, but no 卐解 found. Both and can be read Man/Ban in Japanese.

The 卍 is read Sauwastika in Sanskrit and is more common in Buddhism than Hinduism. In Buddhism the left-facing sauwastika imprinted on the chest, feet, palms of Buddha and also the first of the 65 auspicious symbols on the footprint of the Buddha.

The 卐 is read Swastika in Sanskrit and is more common in Hinduism than Buddism. In Hinduism the left-facing sauwastika is associated with esoteric tantric practices and often stands for Goddess Kali.

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