In the anime, Kenshin appears to be about 17 (at least to my western, Caucasian eyes). Consider that the revolution was 10 years in the past, and it must have taken years during the war for him to develop his skills and reputation as Battosai the Man-Slayer. At a minimum, I think he's got to be 31, and that is if he got started in the revolution while still a mid-teen.


A simple google search returns the following:


28 (about 33 end of series)

Source: http://kenshin.wikia.com/wiki/Himura_Kenshin

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  • Thanks. I had checked the Wikipedia article for the series, but not that of Kenshin himself. Both the Wikia and Wikipedia links state that he was originally going to be 30 or older, but the publisher thought that was too old for a manga aimed at teenage audience. Answer accepted. – RichF Jan 4 '16 at 0:47

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