In Oreimo 2 Episode 15, Meruru sings a song with the line "Red, blue and yellow, magic of many colors". I can't find the title of the song. It sounds amazing! Does anyone know it?

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That song seems to be called "Planet ☆ Burst", "Planet ☆ Bust", or "Planet ☆ Buster". Here's the screenshot from the ending credits where I got that name.

Ending credits screenshot

The hiragana say "Puranetto ☆ Baasuto". It's not clear to me exactly what the second word is supposed to be. My first thought was either "burst" or "bust", but I found a Reddit thread that refers to the song as "Planet ☆ Buster". This is also the name given on the Youtube video of the song linked by the Reddit thread. However, I would have expected "Planet ☆ Buster" to be written "Puranetto ☆ Basutaa" in hiragana.

Kanako is singing this song in Episode 15 when Kyousuke enters the concert hall, just before she confesses her love to him.

Kanako singing Kanako confessing her love

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