Each of the Rozen Maiden Dolls has an artificial spirit. Since there is so much in this series that has a deeper meaning of some sort (episode titles and doll names jump to mind) I’m assuming that their names will also have a deeper meaning — especially since there are names such as Pizzicato (Kanaria’s artificial spirit) that are clearly not Japanese at all.

The only one that partially makes sense to me though, is Berrybell, Hina-Ichigo’s artificial spirit which fits into the general word-cloud strawberry. What significance is behind the names of the other dolls’ artificial spirits?

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  • Shinku’s artificial spirit is Hollie. This could be connected to Ilex (e.g. Ilex aquifolium), the prickly plant with the red berries.

  • Hina-Ichigo’s artificial spirit is Berrybell. Potentially a connection of a ringing bell and a (straw)berry.

  • Kanaria’s artificial spirit is Pizzicato. This is a violin playing technique also referred to as plucking — fitting with the general violin/music theme of Kanaria.

  • Souseiseki’s artificial spirit is Lempicka. This has the same spelling as the Polish art deco painter Tamara Łempicka, although the katakana spelling of the spirit implies a different pronunciation. I don’t know if a connection exists.

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