Unlike the games in Liar Game, the rules of a Danganronpa game are sometimes made up or stated midway, which for me kind of sucks but is tolerable so long as the rules are consistent.

In Liar Game, afaik, the dealers have always accounted for all possible situations so whenever there are changes in the game, they state it outright. For example, in games involving voting, the dealers have stated what happens in the event of a draw.

Suppose in a Danganronpa game starting with 15 students,

  1. all murders are committed by exactly one person (no collaborative murders during the act, but before or after the act is fine, assuming there would be some incentive) and to exactly one person (no multiple victims)

  2. all murderers are successfully guessed and convicted (iirc, this is by majority vote) so long as there are more than 3 players

  3. No one dies in a way other than being murdered. So, no one messes with Monokuma, dies of an accident, dies of health conditions (eg asthma) or naturally (eg old age), etc, but suicide is fine.

  4. No murders will be hidden from the other students indefinitely, as in all corpses will be discovered or if the body is burned, then there will be enough evidence to say a murder has taken place and thus enough evidence for a classroom trial to be called.

Assuming the above situation is consistent internally and consistent with the initial set up of a Danganronpa game, such game will eventually come down to 3 students, whom I'm going to call Kotonoha, Yuno and Mion.

Assuming the game continues (so it's not declared a draw between the 3) and Yuno dies, then only Kotonoha and Mion will be able to see Yuno's corpse, if there would be one. So assuming there is a corpse (body is not burned or anything), and it is discovered, or there is no corpse, and the death is discovered in another way, how can a classroom trial be called?

Perhaps Monokuma will adjust the rules, and a classroom trial will be called anyway, but I would like to know what are the stated rules regarding this, if any, and from any media.

If I made any logical errors either internally (inconsistent with itself) or externally (inconsistent with Danganronpa), please point them out.

PS I'm done with the anime. Go ahead and spoil other media. But please use spoiler tags for others.

PPS Re 'Kotonoha, Yuno and Mion'

Don't spoil please re 'Mion'.

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    I've been thinking about your questions for a bit. And I find out that I am unable to answer your questions without giving any kind of spoilers at all. My only advice is to watch the whole series first, ask questions later. – Sigfried666 Jan 27 '16 at 2:57
  • @Sigfried666 Well for your effort, you could post as answer with marked spoilers and then I could upvote you :P – BCLC Jan 27 '16 at 3:09
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    @BCLC since you finished the anime, I think you can understand already why those questions are hard to answer. Those scenarios would hardly happen, with the way the game is executed. The whole story is not made for the spectator to try and follow the logic of the players and all, but to make the spectator fell totally at lost along with the main character. – Sigfried666 Jan 31 '16 at 15:10
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    @BCLC Third game was announced recently. Perhaps some of your ideas might even appear on it. Considering that "purpose" of the game Monokuma forces the players to participate in, I think the "making up rules as they become needed" is part of his proccedings, as frustrating as it sounds. It's not really a game with the same purpose as the ones you mentioned, I guess. – Sigfried666 Jan 31 '16 at 17:53
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    @BCLC No need to apologise. Your questions ARE pertinent, but unofrtunately, they can't be answered withou a lot of opion based conjecture, as lots of points either were not touched upon, or would be potential spoilers to reader who have not played the games or watched the anime. Also, I've been using the comment section to have a conversation, because I don't think there is a possible answer, but I think this is not really allowed around here. – Sigfried666 Jan 31 '16 at 18:26

Danganronpa V3 addresses this

Note: I am putting it as a spoiler even though it is presented to you before the first chapter.

In the most recent game, DRV3, A school regulation is created by Monokuma. stating:

#6: If innocent students (hereinafter referred to as "the spotless") continue to survive the class trials, the killing game will continue until only two students remain.

From this regulation, it seems the game will end immediately when only two students are alive. In the situation you presented, one of the final two will be the blackened. However, the regulation states "two students", not "two spotless students". This means that the game will end with two students, regardless of their blackened status.


As of this moment, in both Danganronpa games and the anime adaptation of the first game, in the case there are only two witnesses avaiable, being that one would be the murderer...

There are no rules about how such thing would be dealt with. No such scenario happens, and no person seems to ever plan to go to such lenghts and question Monokuma about the rules for such situations, leaving us only with speculation on how this specifc situation would be dealt with.


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