I want to watch Queen's Blade but found too many titles in the franchise, so I do not know which one to watch. In what order should I watch it?


Watch them in the following order:

  • Queen's Blade - Rurou No Senshi (The Exiled Virgin)
  • Queen's Blade - Gyokuza wo Tsugu Mono (Inheritor of the Throne AKA The Evil Eye)
  • Queen's Blade - Gyokuza wo Tsugu Mono Specials
  • Queen's Blade - Utsukushiki Toushitachi (Beautiful Warriors)
  • Queen's Blade - Beautiful Warriors OVA
  • Queen's Blade - Premium Visual Book OVA
  • Vanquished Queens OVA
  • Queen's Blade - Rebellion
  • Queen's Blade - Grimoire (currently airing, alternative setting to Rurou No Senshi)

If you check MyAnimeList, under the related section, you can see sequels, adaptations and alternative settings.

There is also a forum where your question has been discussed.

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