In One Piece, the Straw Hat Pirates crew escapes from these behemoths shortly before arriving on the island chain with Bellamy.

What are these sea behemoths?

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These are shadows, not monsters. These are explained by the fact that Sky Island is so high up in the air, the distance that the shadow is travelling is very far, making shadows cast very large.

Here you can see the same effect where Luffy's shadow is seen:

Picture from anime: Luffy's giant shadow


Skypiean giants.

I think they are almost the same as the ones from the Florian Triangle. The spear and there is no way a shadow in the sea, and the shadow above is in the air. These were throwing spears unless the things at the Florian Triangle were shadows. But they still may be shadows. Who knows if they had wings?

  • Shadows do not exist in the dark
    – Jeki
    Apr 11 at 3:41

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