Before a mission starts, the players are typically issued get a gun, a rifle, and a black suit, but later on, you see that some of the player wielding a blade. What other weapons, suits, or vehicles are made available to the players (including the ones unlocked by the 100-point menu)?


As you said, at the beginning, the players find the following:

  • Gantz Suit
    • Provides the wearer with incredible strength, speed, endurance, and the ability to jump very high, as well as land without problems
    • Provides the hunter with an almost impenetrable protection to his/her body, including the head
  • Controller
    • Used to track the targets, displaying the targets as well as fellow team mates on its screen
  • X-Gun
    • Fires until it hits something, then explodes inside the target after a delay
  • X-Shotgun
    • Meant for longer range, has higher accuracy, and a sniper scope
  • Y-Gun
    • Has the same lock-on capabilities of the X-Gun, but rather than fire out an explosive payload, it instead launches three "laser anchors" connected by ropes

Other non-100-point items are:

  • Gantz Sword
    • Seen scattered amongst the floor in the same room as the Monobikes
    • Has an incredibly sharp blade that extends from the hilt without loss of durability
  • Gantz Bike
    • Made its first appearance before the start of the Dinosaur mission
    • A type of monowheel, with a seat for a driver and a rider, its own radar, and the ability to go into stealth mode

100-point items are:

  • Z-Gun (sometimes referred to by fans as H-Gun)
    • Applies severe gravitational force in a circular area and forces everything within range of the shot to slam into the ground or be flattened
  • Hard suit
    • Is far stronger and much more resistant than the normal Gantz suit
    • Has a built in X-ray scanner, a beam weapon that fires out of its palms, and sharp swords protruding out from the back of the elbows
    • Completely conceals the body of the wearer
  • Flying Gantz Bike
    • Similar to a Gantz Bike with an added flying ring
  • Gantz Mech
    • A building-sized robot controlled by a hunter on a modified flying Gantz bike
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