Because of God Eater, I got to know that the episodes in the Blu-ray often differ from the episodes recorded on TV. As the Blu-ray is being released after the series has been completed, the producers often modify the animation of certain scenes.

Here's an example where you're able to see these modifications.

But are there any legal streaming sites that sometimes or commonly replace the TV version of an anime with the improved Blu-ray version once the latter one becomes available? How does especially Netflix, who's recently been publishing a lot of older animes (that are not currently airing on TV), handle this? Does it just publish the Blu-ray version or does Netflix stick with the TV version?


Usually is all about if the websites choose to own the rights of the anime even in Blu-ray, cause the TV version and Blu-ray act as a separate entity in commercial rights

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Depends, I do know that Funimation re-upload the blu-ray version example Highschool DxD season 3, they had the censored TV version, now it's the uncensored version. While Crunchyroll, keep the TV version.

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  • For Crunchyroll, I think it depends on the series. For example, Crunchyroll's Puella Magi Madoka Magica seems to be the BD version because in episode 2, Mami's apartment is pretty well-decorated (TV vs BD comparison), but Crunchyroll's Mekakucity Actors seems to still be the TV version because episode 9 on Crunchyroll still has that cringey uncanny valley CGI sequence (TV vs BD comparison). – ahiijny Oct 14 '18 at 2:21

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