I was reviewing Code Geass and a subject came to my mind, that I explain below.

In the ending is stated that Lelouch caused the world to hate him on purpose, so it would not engage wars anymore, however, few people knowed this directly (Suzaku, Jeremiah and CC), and is stated that some people discovered Lelouch true intentions by his death. On my first view of the anime, I thought that Nunnally and Kallen discovered the real intentions behind Lelouch's plan, but now, seems to me that Tohdoh, Cornelia, Milly and Kaguya as well found the true ambition of Lelouch.

So, was anyone else in on it? Am I correct in speculations?

Who really discovered why Lelouch had to die?

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The only ones who seem to be in on the Zero Requiem plan were Suzaku, C.C. and Jeremiah. That much is indeed correct. The rest of the people eventually learned about his sacrifice later on after he died, which is actually a matter of great debate.

But answering the question, those three were the only ones in on it.

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No, there are more people involved in the Zero requiem. From http://codegeass.wikia.com/wiki/Zero_Requiem:

Aside from Lelouch, Suzaku and C.C., several other key characters knew about Zero Requiem, including Jeremiah Gottwald, Lloyd Asplund, Cécile Croomy, Sayoko Shinozaki and Nina Einstein, while others such as Nunnally, Kallen, Ohgi and Kaguya only realized it during and after his execution.

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