Mioko (voiced by Kana Hanazawa) uses some kind of unusual speech pattern which the subtitles translate into vaguely US Southern dialectal English:

enter image description here enter image description here

Specifically, I can hear her using ora to refer to herself and ending her sentences with de gasu instead of desu. Wikipedia says ora is an informal pronoun with rural connotations, and this Google Books result says de gasu is a contraction of de gozarimasu, a very polite form of de aru.

You can hear it for yourself in Episode 7 starting around 24 seconds in.

Is Mioko's accent a specific regional accent, or is it just one of those made up bizarre speech patterns that anime specializes in?

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The dreaded TV Tropes has some pretty good notes on Japanese dialects. The use of ora instead of ore and being used by women in particular is an element of the Tohoku dialect. It also compares the dialect to US English 'hillbilly' accents, which matches with the subtitling.

It does not list the use of de gasu in place of desu, but the notes are hardly comprehensive. Or it could be a personal thing for Mio5.

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