I know it's located near the Middle East, but I'd like a more precise idea of the locations involved in Otoyomegatari.

  • I think it in Turkey.
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  • @swswsws Mr. Smith and his guide is the one bound for Turkey.
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If you are not already aware, the series is set in 19th century Central Asia. The culture is without a doubt Turkic.

The main setting of the story is explicitly mentioned to be a rural village near the Caspian Sea.

Modern Day Central Asia

It's important to note that the land and territory borders in the 19th century were vastly different from what is is today.

Who are these ppl

This bit, done by the author for the 2014 Taisho Award, sheds some light on the regions each of the characters are from.

Karluk's town (Pariya included) is located in modern Uzbekistan, and are of Uyghur ethnicity.

The city where Mr. Smith meets Talas, Karaza is likely in Karakalpakstan, part of Uzbekistan.

The town where Mr. Smith and his guide meets the twins (Laila and Leyli, they're Tajik. Not Turkic, but rather Persian) is Muynak/Moynaq, a city in northern Karakalpakstan.

Amir and her family are of Kazakh ethnicity, and hail from modern day Kazakhstan.

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    Awesome answer, the specific locations where really what I was looking for!
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