Has anyone noticed how certain anime regarding murder and death that there is usually a reference to Haagen Dazs in there somewhere? Strawberry Haagen Dazs to be specific.

In certain anime, such as Kara no Kyokai episode 5 where the main character tends to eat nothing but strawberry Haagen Dazs. In Kite, there is one of them there is a subtle reference in a background scene. Then it Kite Liberator, the main character kept a fridge full of them.

So can someone tell me where this reference comes from or where it started or if they are connection?

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In Kite, it's merely a parody reference, with the "Häagen Kazs" name.

In Kite Liberator, it's also a parody, with the "Hëegen-Gezs" name (Vanilla flavor in this case).

The ice cream is prominently stated to be Häagen-Dazs in both the Kara no Kyoukai movies and the original novel.

Shiki and her fridge can also be seen with several bottles of Volvic water.

These internationally well-known brands are probably so viewers could better identify with them (as they've probably had them in the past).

The ice cream is most likely being used as a foil to the the main character, highlighting them to be naive, childish (small, like the containers), and cold at the same time. The water, too, might be a foil of how Shiki has changed (melted slightly), but still remains cold.


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