i know that The Idolm@ster started out as a raising sim/rhythm arcade game in Japan but there is also a bunch of Anime and Print Media of it.

Is there is a game/anime/manga which is in English in one form or another (either Dubbed or Subbed for anime or officially translated/localized or fan translated for everything else) which would be a good entry point into the series?


How about this youtube channele? You can watch promotional videos and radio programs that you can watch for free; original, Million, Cinderella, Shiny and SideM are all treated. Anime and specials are distributed depending on the time.

Since these are Youtube, most content has auto-generated subtitles;  somewhat inaccurate, but automatic machine translation is possible. (If you choose English or ’英語’.) enter image description here

Of course, these are legal content operated by copyright holders.

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