In the end of Death Note, Near would've been lost if Mello didn't help him. That makes me think why Near who is always be careful (isn't like L or Mello) didn't find out about the possibility of fake death note, meanwhile Mello had found out about that.

For Mello, after he found out that Kira helped Japan Police, he would found out that Kira was there being watched by others. In order to keep killing people, he would need X-Kira (Mikami) to do the killings and a spokeperson (Takada) to help him communicate with him. Until then, Mello's and Near's thinking were the same: find the x-kira (Mello investigated Misa too). Mello could easily assume that Near had found the x-kira and been stalking him.

What makes it weird is Mello thought that this person who was being investigated by Near was using fake death note, and assumed that Near wouldn't ever found out about this unless he kidnapped Takada.

So, would Near have never found out about the possibility of fake Death Note without Mello sacrificing himself? If it was really that hard to find out, how could Mello know? Doesn't it sound like Near would get easily be tricked by Light, while Mello outsmarted the two of them?


I remember that Halle Lidner, SPK member, always kept in touch with Mello, keeping him up-to-date with Near's latest theories concerning Kira case. It's possible that he also knew about Near's plan and his appointment with Kira.

However, Mello, with Matt, decided to kidnap Takada that made the real Death Note location revealed.

Before that, Mello's movements are unknown since the story focus on Takada and Mikami investigation. His reason to kidnap Takada is also unknown whether because he realized the possibility of fake Death Note or other reason.

But in the end, Near acknowledged Mello that he wouldn't have won without his sacrifice.

  • We can probably assume that this was not how Mello intended this kidnapping to go, if we look at his reaction to the death of Matt. He would not have known about the slip of Death Note hidden in Takada's bra, and, presumably, thought both himself and Matt relatively safe. With information being fed to him via Halle, he would probably have reached similar conclusions to Near and realised something drastic needed to be done to reveal the location of the real Death Note. Knowing Nears team were watching, he would hope to would flush it out and get the information back via Halle. – sequoiad Jul 12 '16 at 9:45
  • It's also worth noting that, whilst Near was still operating (mainly) inside the law, Mello had much more freedom (and, personallity wise, is generally more likely to) to attempt these drastic moves that Near could not. Whether Near would be counting on or hoping for something like this, we can only speculate upon. – sequoiad Jul 12 '16 at 9:48
  • sequoiad So it's possible that Near also thought about the possibility of fake death note but didn't take any action for that yet and then Mello stepped forward helping him? – mere Jul 12 '16 at 17:44
  • @sequoiad Oh and my personal thought is Near didn't realized that since Mikami was so convincing, while Mello after knowing what Near's plan was, maybe thought about the possibility of fake death note and kidnap Takada as what the least he could do for Near – mere Jul 12 '16 at 17:52
  • it's possible, certainly. Mello could also have been attempting to push forwards his own investigation in a way that Near would not (I can't imagine Near ever using a similar method) as well, but it's all speculation as to whether he did it to help Near on purpose or not. I'm also wondering whether Near already might have had a plan ready (when he set the date for the warehouse meeting) to confirm and locate the fake and real Note, which he never needed to enact due to Mello's sudden and unpredictable action. – sequoiad Jul 13 '16 at 8:40

The main point here are the differences between N, M and L. L was able to stay mostly calme while solving a case and had the ability to assume information wrong to not come into his own way. N is absolutely apathic, calm and logicly thinking. He can solve every "fair riddle" but lacks the ability to question the scope or to empathize with others (e.g. his "opponent"). M is the exact oposite, he is quick tempered but he is able to think like his opponent and he both cheats and plays assuming the other one cheats. He knew - like N - that Kira was aware of the investigations but unlike N he theorized that Kira would set a trap like he did. After he herad of N's plan and that "Kira to be prooven" accepted, he assumed a trick-in-trick and started the kidnap to ensure that the right DN is used by X-Kira and that N would take notice of it.

That's the anser: N solves a case like a puzzle, assuming that he just have to find every pice an it's place. M would allways assume that there are pices missing or extra or faked.

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