I know Satoru and Airi didn't get together in the anime. Do they get together in the manga?

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    Have you tried reading the manga to find out? :p Sorry but questions as easy as this are not something this site favors.
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  • As @Hakase this is an easy answer question that a google search or reading the manga can handle but it is not off-topic. So it should not be downvoted.
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  • @Hakase I disagree because a simple google search does not yield a result. At least from what I just did. It's not unclear, the title gives a pretty accurate description, it doesn't show lack of effort. OP clearly saw the anime. And as far as useful that remains to be seen.
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    @KazRodgers People can downvote questions for any reason they see fit, or no reason at all. On the other hand, you need a good reason to close a question, and I don't see a good reason to close this one. ConMan's answer indicates the manga is over, so this is not about future events, and "This question can be Googled" isn't one of our close reasons, even if it is on Stack Overflow or Mathematics.
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As this answer discusses, in the manga Airi shows up a few times while Satoru is recovering after his coma, although they never really directly interact. While the ending of the manga is quite different to that of the anime, the very last scene is the same:

Satoru goes back to the spot under the bridge where he hid from the police, and as he hoped Airi shows up there as well.


Based on the anime and the manga, the last scene is Satoru going under the bridge where he hid with Airi after he was accused of murdering his mother. There he used his hands to form a rectangle, and as he saw through the rectangle, he saw Airi.

There is no continuation of this story, but considering that Hinazuki Kayo ends up with one of their friends (Sugita Hiromi) and is living happily, it is implied that Satoru seeing Airi there means that his own love story will finally start (with Airi). It wasn't explicitly mentioned, so I believe it was intended to be left open to fans interpretation.


In this case, it remains to be seen. Airi does stand up for Satoru several times, but they never really are seen engaing in any actions that would quite sum up to a 'romance', more of a relationship built using mutual trust and help.

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