Is there any official source stating how many episodes Dragon Ball Super will have? With all the open stories it has (Bills, Champa, the multi universe tournament, Zeno-sama, Zamasu, Black Goku, etc) I can't image them all fitting in the once rumored 100 episodes.

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    I could not find any source that could answer your question. But I actually think there will be much more than 100 episodes. 1st, I think they'll want to keep going as long as it's popular and there remains story to be told. 2nd, the Future Trunks arc has only recently begun and I would expect another 20 or so episodes to finish it and we know it'll be followed by an inter-universe tournament. Lastly, we finally know the finite size of the Dragon Ball world, and who sits at the top of it (Zeno-sama). I think the series will take time to explore its world in depth before drawing a conclusion.
    – solalito
    Aug 3, 2016 at 5:33
  • I have been doing some research and read a variety of different things. It definitely has been renewed through 72 episodes, and many rumors speculate that it will get at least 100 or more. I found a couple sites that stated it would be at least 145 episodes in length
    – wcarhart
    Aug 6, 2016 at 6:37

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Until now, it is officially confirmed to have at least 72 episodes of DBS. Rumors have shown that it will be 100 episodes, or even more if it's getting more popularity, but all of that is not true. Rumors are rumors, it is not yet confirmed, all we can do is to wait for upcoming news.

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