I'm reading the manga "Reincarnation no Kaben": there, the main characters get some powers from their previous lives, and hence are named after famous people of history.

I managed to find all of them except who the main antagonist should be: he is named after "Kouu the tyrant king". Does someone knows who the historical character they are referring to is? (Or is it a made up character?)

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I think is a mistranslation. According to this site: http://tyuumokuneta.net/post-1718-1718 the original name in the manga is 項羽 / Xiang Yu, an ancient chinese warlord.

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    Note that the Japanese pronunciation of the name 項羽 is こうう kouu. (I agree that this is a mistranslation; in English, the name should be rendered in romanized Chinese.)
    – senshin
    Aug 3, 2016 at 21:00

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