Who is the boy in the coffin that wakes up in the last episode of the second season, Gemini of the Meteor? What significance does he play? Why does he look like Yin?

Who? Who? Who?

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If it's sticking vaguely close to the manga it's Kagutsuchi (the being unknown) who is created when Izanami (Yin) and Izanagi (Hei or Shion) bond as predicted in the Mikata Documents.

Izanagi gazes upon the false sea bottom, waiting for Izanami. Izanami will cross the sea bottom and eventually the two will meet. When they do, heaven and earth will split in two, and there the Gate of Hell will open. From the Gate will come forth one, a being unknown. And strife will continue for eternity.

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The Russian boy's power is to create copies. He created the Russian girl as a clone of himself. They noted that one thing was always different in his clones; in the case of the Russian girl, it was the gender.

The same thing happened with the boy in the picture. It's a clone of Yin with the gender switched. The Russian boy created a copy of the Earth, as I understand it, and on that copy earth, there is also a Yin.

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