Ash is fairly well known for his catch phrase "Gotta catch em all".

But recalling the series, it feels as if he did not even manage to catch a quarter of them.

So how many did he manage to catch?


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Let's count? I am including pokemon such as Charmander, Chimchar, etc, which joined Ash of their own will without a battle as "CAUGHT". List of Ash's Pokemon:

Kanto and Orange Islands

  • Pikachu - Given. Not caught.
  • Caterpie - Caught. Released as a Butterfree.
  • Pidgeotto - Caught. Left in the wild as a Pidgeot
  • Bulbasaur - Caught.
  • Charmander - Caught. Joined Ash of his own will. Left to train. Rejoined and with Oak now.
  • Squirtle - Caught. Released back to the Squirtle Squad.
  • Krabby- Caught. With Prof. Oak as a Kingler
  • Raticate - Traded for Butterfree. Got back
  • Haunter - Joined Ash for fun. Left for Sabrina.
  • Primeape - Caught. Left for Fighting trainer.
  • Muk - Caught in the power plant.
  • Tauros - Caught in Safari Zone.
  • Lapras - Caught. Released with family.
  • Snorlax - Caught on Orange Island.


  • Heracross - Caught.
  • Chikorita - Caught. With Oak as a Bayleef
  • Cyndaquil - Caught. With Oak as a Quilava
  • Totodile - Caught
  • Shiny Noctowl - Caught
  • Beedrill - Caught in Bug Catching Contest. Released to Casey.
  • Phanpy - Hatched.. With Oak as a Donphan
  • Larvitar - Hatched. Released

Hoenn and Battle Frontier

  • Tailow - Caught. With Oak as a Swellow
  • Treecko - Caught. With Oak as Sceptile
  • Corphish - Caught
  • Torkoal - Caught
  • Snorunt - Caught. With Oak as a Glalie
  • Aipom - Caught. Traded to Dawn


  • Starly - Caught. With Oak as a Staraptor
  • Turtwig - Caught. With Oak as a Torterra
  • Chimchar - Caught. With Oak as an Infernape. Left Paul to join Ash, like Charmander
  • Buizel - Traded. From Dawn
  • Gligar - Caught. With Oak as a Gliscor
  • Gible - Caught


  • Pidove - Caught. With Oak as a Unfezant
  • Sewaddle - Caught. With Oak as a Leavanny
  • Roggenrola - Caught. With Oak as a Boldore
  • Palpitoad - Caught. With Oak
  • Scraggy- Hatched. With Oak
  • Oshawott - Given by Juniper. With Oak
  • Tepig - Another fire starter left by a trainer. Caught. With Oak as a Pignite.
  • Snivy - Caught! With Oak
  • Krokorok - Caught. With Oak as a Krookodile


  • Froakie - Caught. Released. With Squishy and Z2
  • Fletchling - Caught. With Oak as a Talonflame
  • Goomy - Caught. Left in the Wetlands
  • Noibat - Hatched. With Oak as a Noivern
  • Hawlucha - Caught. With Oak


  • Rowlet - Caught! Ash has caught his first pokemon in Alola.
  • Rockruff - Caught! In Alola as Lycanroc
  • Litten - Caught! in Alola as Incineroar.
  • Poipole - Caught! In ultra space. Came back as Naganadel for Pokémon league
  • Meltan. Caught! In Alola as Melmetal.


  • Dragonite - Caught! With Ash in various regions.
  • Gengar - Caught! With Ash in various regions
  • Riolu - Hatched! Given to Ash by Nurse Joy.
  • Farfetch’d - Caught! With Ash in various regions:

Tl;Dr Ash has got 57 unique pokemon species. He got 2 (Pikachu, Oshawott), Traded for 2 (Raticate, Buizel), hatched 5 (Larvitar, Phanpy, Scraggy, Noibat, and Riolu). Also, Haunter just traveled with him so not counted as catching. Thus Ash has CAUGHT [57-(2+2+5+1) = ]47 unique species.

Edit: As requested by OP removed a quote referencing the number of pokemon dexed by Ash. Dexed pokemon are a larger set of pokemon, which include hatched, evolved, and owned in any other way (Gift/Trade, etc.).

Also, couldn't resist.
Ash with his Pokemon @ Oak's LabAsh's Current Party

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    That sure is not even close to all of them. Nice answer.
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    Ash is terrible at catching them all.
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  • cant even dex them all
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  • You forgot about Snivy in the count for the Unova region. This article on Bulbapedia gives a brief description of the circumstances around it's capture.
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According to Bulbapedia, Ash has owned a total of 80 different species of Pokemon, although he currently owns 68 (including 30 Tauros) thanks to evolution, trading, and other changes of ownership.

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    But how many of these did he catch and not receive in some other way?
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