The two heroines in TV series The Dirty Pair work for the World Welfare Works Association (WWWA / 3WA) as “trouble consultants”, for example solving problems while blowing things up..

During the opening credits—and during the show—characters are seen using the phone to call WWWA with the number “3WA” being dialed on the keypad.

Screenshot of the the dialing pad of a phone in “Dirty Pair.”

This style of keypad shows up throughout the show—and as far as I know—it’s not a standard style keypad outside of the world of “The Dirty Pair.”

Even if the W and A keys were there for the exclusive purpose of dialing “3WA” why are N and Y keys there?

Is there an explanation—in universe or otherwise—of why phones keypads are designed this way in the series?

Screenshot of the the dialing pad of a phone in “The Dirty Pair.”

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    Perhaps for (Y)es (N)o? – 絢瀬絵里 Aug 11 '16 at 8:44
  • Maybe. They generally just pick up the phone and talk after typing, rather than having a call/clear press – Toshinou Kyouko Aug 11 '16 at 10:12
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    Didn’t want to add a 3rd picture to the post, but was rolling through episodes recently and spotted this shot that might be useful for identification if the original poster thinks adding a 3rd picture is worth the effort. – Giacomo1968 Jan 7 '18 at 17:11

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