What is the song that plays in Tokyo Ghoul episode 10 at 15:25 when Juuzou is on the screen? Thank you!

  • Since my Edit wasn't approved. Jozu is spelled Juuzou. – ObviouslyJake Aug 13 '16 at 0:50
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    Do we seriously have to go through this again, close voters? Music identification from a known series is on-topic and not considered an identification request. If you don't like the question, downvote. If you want to change that policy, you should have come to Meta and weighed in on this discussion. Since no one at all came out to contest the idea that music identification from a known series is on-topic, it remains on-topic. – Torisuda Aug 13 '16 at 5:12

This song is Kriminalbeamte by Yamada Yutaka. It can be found on the Tokyo Ghoul Original Soundtrack. (Disc 1, Track 9) Funny enough (*to me, probably obvious to you) it's the same song you were looking for in this question. This one was much easier to hear than in Tokyo Ghoul Root A ep 2 @14:15.

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