How tall is Vice Admiral Smoker?

I've used Wikia as a reference. They have the most information out there by a long shot. The heights of various characters are usually shown there.

Another resource that is useful is the SBS, perhaps it's stated on there?

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    may i ask why you have asked this question
    – Dragon
    Aug 13 '16 at 8:02

All I found online was a forum thread on Oro Jackson which list the characters with confirmed heights according to the forum's OP. There is no one source for all this: I presume all this info comes from SBS and data books.

Anyway, Smoker is apparently 185 cm. This makes sense if we look at the picture below as Zorro's height is 178 cm before the time skip according to the volume 10 SBS.

a panel with Smoker and Zorro for height comparison

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