After Eren masters the ODM gear (anime ep. 3 - 21:40~, manga vol. 4), Mikasa corrects Armin by saying, (in the English manga)

He's relieved because now he doesn't have to be separated from me.

Is this the correct dialogue because there are other translations as well, one of them being

He's thinking about how he won't have to stay close to me

I'm just wondering which one is correct.

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    just to confirm are you talking about the anime or the manga? you say "Episode 3" in the question title but when you say "in the English Manga" in the question body and generally manga doesn't have "episodes"
    – Memor-X
    Aug 13, 2016 at 6:26
  • @Memor-X In a way I am referring to both, since there are different translations between the U.S. manga and Japanese manga and different translations between the dubbed and subbed anime. I just inputted episode 3 of the anime since that's where the scene is, for the manga its volume 4, but since there are so many different and wacky translations for this scene, I was wondering which one was correct xD
    – Scarlet
    Aug 15, 2016 at 17:11

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This is the conversation in episode 3:

アルミン: 目で「どうだ!」って言っているよ。
ミカサ : 違う。
アルミン: えっ?
ミカサ : これで私と離れずにすんだと思って安心してる。

Literally, it translates to

Armin: (His; Eren's) eyes are telling "How's that!".
Mikasa: (You're) wrong.
Armin: Eh?
Mikasa: With this, (He; Eren's) relieved thinking that (he) doesn't have to be separated from me.

The word in (parentheses) is the omitted subject.

Mikasa's words is a response to the conversation in dining scene (which was slightly omitted in the anime)

From post no. 382 on 2chan,

When Mikasa told Eren, "You shouldn't aim to be a soldier anymore",

Eren, who couldn't dispute it, was staring at Mikasa annoyed while thinking "I understand even if you didn't say it!".

Mikasa misunderstood Eren's expression as "Looking from his staring, he hates to be separated from me".


In the English anime, it says

Armin: Look, his eyes are saying, "check me out".
Mikasa: They're not. His eyes are saying he doesn't have to leave me. Not anymore.

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