Recently I stumbled upon a post mentioning that One Piece managed to get a place in the Guinness World Records for most printed comic series by one author ever.

Are there any other manga / anime that managed to place themselves in the Guinness World Records? Or is Eiichiro Oda, with One Piece, the only one so far?


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No, One Piece is not the only record holder: as shown in this article, "Kochikame Earns Guinness World Record For Most Volumes Published For Single Manga Series" with 200 volumes.


The ones I could find are:

Most comics published by one author: Shotaro Ishinomori (Japan) known as "The King of Manga"

Most strips published for the same yonkoma manga series

Now these are just records that I could find in a short span of time. I am sure theres a section for different manga and comics related records.


There is another I'm aware of, although probably not what you were after: Kochikame for the most volumes published for a single manga series.

In a different category (interesting nonetheless), Yu-gi-oh is the highest selling trading card, and 1995 third volume of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine is the highest selling comic magazine. Weird, but fun facts.

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