Does anyone know the violin song that Toshiya Miike (Mikke-kun/-san) plays after Kousei's performance in episode 13? I wish I knew the exact time but I don't. I've searched everywhere trying to see if anyone figured it out or knew what it was but no luck. Help please?

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    FWIW I had the exact same question back when I saw Your Lie in April, and found the answer while skimming this Reddit thread after searching for your lie in april episode 13 soundtrack.
    – Maroon
    Sep 17 '16 at 16:33

It seems to be:

Elgar: Violin Sonata in E minor, Op 82 Vengerov

Or [エルガー: ヴァイオリン・ソナタ ホ短調 作品82 ヴェンゲーロフ] if in Japanese.

Here is a link to the piece: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOutOaSMHZ4

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