In Cowboy Bebop, there are three men that are seen recurrently: António, Carlos and Jobim.
They are most often found playing cards.

What game are they playing? I don't remember it ever being stated in the anime. Was it ever stated elsewhere?

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    @luserdroog they are named after Brazilian songwriter and musician, Antonio Carlos Jobim.
    – iKlsR
    May 6 '13 at 17:46

It was never revealed in the anime and it isn't said on the wiki or anywhere else of relevance.

They seem on speaking terms with many supporting characters, and though they run into the main characters often there is not much attention paid to them (or even mention that the main characters have seen them before).

This is the closest I have ever seen their mention to a card game.

... Spike and Jet have arrived and ready to hit the tables, with Jet having a good feeling after having a dream involving Charlie Parker. The two split off with Jet playing the slots while Spike mills around the tables, gaining some chips after helping three old men win a card game. Eventually he settles on a Blackjack table where Alice is dealing ...

Here are all the episodes they have been featured in and it isn't said or shown in any. So it was never stated and in general they mainly acted as comic relief.

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