So, I was wondering who decided to name the character Pan.

From what I know, she appears first in Dragon Ball GT, which isn't made by Akira Toriyama.

But we find her again in Dragon Ball Super. So, did Toriyama use what was created by Dragon Ball GT's makers, or was he involved in the creation of Pan directly in GT ?

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Pan appears for the first time in the last chapter of the Dragon Ball manga, not in GT


She is below Son Gohan and Videl

So, unless an editor or person close to Toriyama chose her name, the author himself is who did it.

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My guess is Toriyama-sensei, given his signature lack of imagination for names. Seriously, don't explore this names thing further or you'll end up disappointed.


Anyway, it looks like he was involved during GT, so I guess, Toriyama did.

How involved was Akira Toriyama in the production of Dragon Ball GT?

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