In the Yuri!!! on Ice end credits, we see a string of photos on social media featuring different characters. In one of them, Jean-Jacques Leroy is with some women in front of a Western-style building. The photo is tagged with #Singapore.

Singapore still

What location in Singapore does the building in this still correspond to? Other stills in the ED sequence without a "generic" background clearly have real-life counterparts, so it is likely that the same holds here. (The lion statue in one of Yuri Plisetsky's photos corresponds to that at the exterior of the State Russian Museum, the building in Michele Crispino's photo to the Florence Cathedral, and the location in Otabek Altin's to the Zhibek Zholy metro station in Kazakhstan.)

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According to this wikia page and evident by photographs, it is the Raffles Hotel.

Raffles Hotel

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