Only 6 chapters are available online. Where could I find the rest? Because there's nowhere to be found, and I'm dying to read it.


Only 6 chapters are available online

Assuming your talking about the English version this is incorrect. All 7 volumes (which if we follow the pattern here would be approximately 21 chapters (3 chapters per volume)) are available in english in both physically format and digital.

on the Kodansha International site (which is an American subsidiary of Kodansha) lists Mardock Scramble and where you can get all the volumes digitally and physically. each volume lists the same sites (though the links go to the respective volume) but using Volume 1 as an example you can find each volume:

i greatly suspect that the reason why you can only find 6 chapters online is because you are looking for the scanlation which stopped at chapter 6 in 2011, the same year the manga was licensed in English. we won't post links to scalations here on Anime and Manga Stack Exchange nor should you be looking for them when a series has been officially licensed in your language as this is then piracy

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