This question arose when I was watching Krillin vs Jackie Chun who is Master Roshi. When Yamcha pulls the hair thinking it is a wig, but it won't come off, then he thinks it is real hair and asks that then the bald one should be a wig? Please, could anyone explain?

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Yes, Master Roshi is really bald. He mentions it himself in Chapter 25:

enter image description here

In the first tournament, he used a special glue to attach his hair. He mentions it when revealing his identity to Nam, who was just defeated by Goku (Chapter 46):enter image description here


There is a very detailed explanation in the second movie of Dragon Ball "the sleeping princess". minute 6:40. Krillin arrives. Goku tells him he's bold. Krillin says all great Martial Artists shave, just like Master Roshi. Master Roshi says he's simply bald, nothing else.

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    I think it's probably since Solalito's answer is from the manga and that specific scene takes place in the anime too. I'm also not certain, but I believe the movies are not considered canon.
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