In episode 150 of One Piece, there's a song playing on the prologue scene. This song was even in some prologues of Alabasta saga.

I've already listened to all soundtracks, but I couldn't find this song.

What is that song?

  • Just to be sure, you mean the opening or the really first music when they are explaining what happened in the last episode?
    – Izukani
    Jan 10, 2017 at 11:49

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The song that was played as intro in the episode 150 of One Piece was titled Hikari e.

Kanji: ヒカリへ
Romaji: Hikari e
Meaning: Towards the Light
English: Towards the Light
Artist(s): The Babystars Album/Single: Hikari e
Label: Ki/oon Records
Track Length: 3:44
Intro length: 1:49
Anime Use: 3rd Opening: Episodes 116 - 168 (53 episodes)

More details about the song can be found on Wikia.


It was Hikari e

This was the opening song between episodes 115 and 168

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