I have seen often that characters in One Piece have their weird (read: at times irritating) signatures. Is there any specific reason for them?

For example, in the picture below, Vito has rorero as his signature. These suffixes sometimes kill the entire feel of the scene, which is why I was wondering why were they so important to have in the first place.



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In One Piece, many characters are known to laugh in unusual ways by either adding to the typical "haha" or using different syllables entirely. These laughter patterns are often unique to individuals and may be based on their personalities or appearances. Some of the especially weird laughs are different in translated versions; for example, Caesar's "shurororo" becomes "shuhohoho" in the English manga. It should be noted that laughing style of "Fufufufu" or "Ufufufufu" is a common Japanese laughing style used for mature women in anime and manga. In addition, the common phrase "Arara" is not a laugh, but rather the Japanese version of "Oh my, oh my, oh my".

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One Piece does quite a bit across the long franchise to ensure that every plot character is remembered in a different way. In addition to being drawn differently having different suffixes or having a different laugh serves as a tool to help establish that character as a unique identity.

Caesar, Doflamingo,Gekko Moria and numerous others in the show, the manga and the movies all make use of this.

In addition to suffixes and laughs there is also gestures, like Brook asking to see your panties or chopper hiding the wrong way that are also unique to add differentiation to each character.

In summation, the above are all tropes commonly used in anime to add individuality to each character.


I could ask you a similar question. Why do so many characters in One Piece have weird laughter styles?

Well, that's because it's a characteristic of the series. Characters laugh in specific ways (gabababa, dereshishishi, horohorohoeo etc), as well as have certain catchphrases that they repeat, like the zipper-mouth guy of CP9 - Fukuro, as well as many other characters.

It's just how the universe of One Piece operates. You shouldn't question this if you want to keep your sanity intact.

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