Recently, it's been revealed that the god of destruction from universe 9, the dwarf-like one is named Sidra which comes from the Spanish name for cider. My question is: are there any other characters in the Dragon Ball universe with a Spanish name?


The fan wiki for Dragon Ball has a page where they've compiled a list of origins for character names in the Dragon Ball universe.

This page lists three with connections to Spanish.

  • Pan

    Pan means "bread" in both Spanish and Japanese, which may continue the food theme of Gohan's family.

  • Chi Chi

    Japanese for "milk" (which also refers to breasts by extension and are a slang term for breasts in Latino Spanish). Named like this because her father is the Ox-King.

  • Salza

    The English verbal translation is a pun on the Spanish sauce "salsa".

I'm doubtful the first two were intentional, since the Japanese word for bread being the same as the Spanish word is merely a coincidence, and Chi Chi being a slang for breasts also seems very coincidental.

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